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Our products include:Our wide range of products are being manufacturing under strictly quality control procedures & following Good Manufacturing Practices.
Human Pharmaceuticals Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Malarial, Anti-Rheumatoid,
Anaesthetics, Analgesics and Antipyretics,
Anti-Allergies, Anti-Fungal, Anti- Tubercular,
Diuretics & Antihypertensives, Impotence Drugs,
Hyper Acidity, Reflux, Ulcer, NSAID's
Opthalmics-Antibacterial, Vitamins.
Dewormers, Anti Bloat, Bactericidals,
Broad Spectrum-Antibiotics, Sulpha Drugs,
Antiprotozoans, Ectoparasiticides,
Vitamins, Drugs Acting on Respiratory Tract,
Analgesics and Antipyretics,
Feed Additives.
Product in Pipeline

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